According to The Information, the new iOS will be limited to 13 the ability to run API Internet calls in the background. Now use it at least apps Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, where the call function is running in the background even when the user does not use messenger. This solution allows you to start calls and to collect service information for applications.

Apple has not officially commented on the coming restrictions, but sources confirmed The Information that the developers of instant messengers, have to adapt their apps to the new requirements of the OS. For WhatsApp also may be a problem, PushKit use VoIP to handle end-to-end encryption — ban on the use of API Internet calls in the background can increase launch time of the application and the call started.

Representatives of Facebook said that they see no problems in iOS 13, but recognize that working closely with Apple to find a mutually satisfactory solution which would not interfere messengers and meet the requirements of the operating system.

Recall that the release of iOS 13 scheduled for fall 2019. Update get smartphones iPhone, starting with 6s and below, and iPod touch 7.

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