Financial analysts warn that the introduction of Huawei American authorities in the black list will hit business IT giants Google and Apple. In particular, according to early speculation, the Cupertino-based company could lose up to 29% of total world income (or about $17 billion).

These figures are representative of Goldman Sachs. The fact is that if the conflict will lead to a complete ban of Apple products in China, the American company is unlikely to recover the current volume of sales. Until recently, the share of Apple in China accounted for over 17% of sales. This is a significant figure.

Better not have another giant — Google. Analysts believe that because of the inability to use Google services, Huawei begin to promote its analogues around the world. Users of smartphones of the Chinese company, which is popular all over the world will have to switch to alternative applications. In the end, Google only stands to lose from its decision to suspend cooperation with Huawei.

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