On the security of user data is not affected.

Until the end of 2018, Apple will launch a new dedicated web-portal for law enforcement officers. On the new site, representatives of the authorities and bodies will be able to submit requests for data of users of iPhone, iPad, MacBook and other equipment of the company. The website will work for all countries.

New special web site, Apple will make the queries from the authorities and law enforcement agencies more transparent. In addition, the new resource will facilitate the submission and consideration of requests for user data.

Apple stressed that the innovation will not affect the privacy of its clients:

“Apple never built into their products and services universal keys and means of unauthorized access (backdoor). We have never provided law enforcement agencies direct access to our servers. And will never go on this in the future.”

Apple also announced that creates a team of experts who will cooperate with law enforcement. The task of the new team will be training bodies. Staff will talk in detail about what information and in what cases they may obtain about customers of Apple.

Source: Apple.


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