MOSCOW, 28 Aug — PRIME. The American company Apple announced that after the suspension of the assessment of client interaction with the voice assistant Siri by listening to audio recordings is going to stop to keep these records.

Previously, some consumers have expressed concern over bugging of their communications with Siri, which was conducted by Apple employees and its contractors to improve the service.

“We listened to their concerns and immediately suspended the rating of Siri, carried out by the staff, and began conducting a thorough review of our practices and policies. In the end, we decided to make some changes to Siri,” — said in the release.

So, Apple is planning to stop storing recordings of interactions with Siri, but any user can independently enable the listen function to assist employees in assessing the performance of the service. In addition, it is noted that to listen to snippets of the dialogue with Siri will be allowed only to the employees of Apple.

In early August, the company announced that it had suspended the program, in which contractors were engaged in the listening part of the user team Siri. The suspension followed the publication of the newspaper the Guardian, which quoted an unnamed employee of the company said that the contractors are listening to not only the team but also the conversations of users if you have enabled Siri. Apple has stated that when the program is resumed, they will give people the opportunity not to participate.

Apple, founded in 1976, has been producing personal and tablet computers, audioplayers, phones, smartwatches and software.

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