Tonight Apple has released the latest report that shows sales of Apple devices. This was announced by chief financial officer Apple Luca Maestri.

Until recently, cupertinos reflected in their quarterly reports all the information about the sales of all its major products — iPhone, iPad and Mac. The company did not disclose the exact number sold, Apple Watch, AirPods and HomePod, relating this information in the category “Other products”.

Now this way will come with the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Information about sales of these devices will qualify as “Income from devices.” This means that analysts, journalists and ordinary users will no longer so easy to track the sales of Apple gadgets.

This decision Maestri explained that to date the number of sold devices is not so important as before. Today, the main indicator is the increase in profits from sales. It is for this reason cupertinos and decided to change the format of their quarterly reports.

Also chief financial officer of Apple, the company noted that competitors are already long time not share information about the volumes of sales of their products, and in this respect Apple is not an innovator.

Many users are convinced that the reason for wanting to conceal the volume of sales lies in a slightly different. In particular, Apple can not boast of record sales. For example, a recent report demonstrates that iPhone sales remain roughly on the same level as last year. Revenue rose more than 29%. That’s why the company decided to focus on “positive” indicators.


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