Today it became known that in iOS 12.1 will appear dozens of new Emoji. However, one of these users saw a hint of the future of the iPhone range. More precisely on that in the future Apple will no longer produce smartphones with a Home button.

In the new “pack” has been updated Emoji picture iPhone. If previously, smiley was a smartphone with borders and Home button, now the picture has completely changed. iPhone new Emoji looked like on the latest smartphones of the company: with a thin frame and no Home button.

It is noteworthy that the apparatus and makeshift Desk painted black. It is not excluded, that this is done in order to hide the characteristic “Bang”, which appeared in the iPhone last year.

Just iOS 12.1 Apple will add about 70 new Emoji. In addition to the updated iPhone smiley among them are images of amoebas, spider, chain, DNA, and even toilet paper.


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