Apple officially announced the termination of repair of hours Watch the first generation, released as much in 2014. Instructions sent to authorized service centers.

Instead of repair the very first Apple Watch will just change them with new, already on the second generation. To learn more about it, as well as on Watch Series 2 to replace, can be directly in the service centers. Reportedly, the campaign has serious limitations in time — to convert the first clock generation on second will only be possible in February, March and April of this year, although it is likely that its term will be extended. And one more thing: according to the rules, the exchange shall be subject only Watch with a 42-millimeter screen, and the Pro version with a 38-inch display there is no mention at all. Apparently, this modification still will be repaired.

This year, rumored to be announced watch for the fifth generation, so the first two audits has long lost its relevance. However, in the secondary market, they are still in price and sold very well, including parts, so if you don’t have time to exchange the Watch to Watch Series 2, do not worry. But in General, Apple with my watch, despite the huge number of competitors, is the market leader in wearable devices, and for good reason.

Actually, just Watch have a decent set of features and modern fixtures — watch on Google Wear OS work on older hardware, which is already three years, under watch from Samsung, based on Tyzen OS has almost no apps, but fitness trackers have strictly limited functionality and do not support the installation of third party tools. So that all makes sense — have a Watch and the hardware is updated, and the software is very much for every taste, and the design in the last generation seriously finished now, so the watch look stylish.

Their only downside is the price but again, in the secondary market, they can snatch it very cheaply and still be confident in the quality, because they have protection from water ingress, and in which case the authorized service centers of Apple in every relatively large city. Except that, owners of first-generation hours, no luck — watch them now do not repair, therefore in case of damage will have to turn to informal repairmen, and it is not always good in terms of quality of work performed.

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