After the announcement of iOS 13 and output the first test Assembly of the new Apple’s mobile operating system, many users were upset that the OS is missing a 3D Touch gestures. They were replaced by gestures, Haptic Touch, which are activated by simply long pressing. However, cupertinos hastened to reassure users the company has no plans to abandon 3D Touch.

According to the Vice-President for software development Apple’s Craig Federighi, the 3D Touch gestures will not disappear from iOS 13. Responding to numerous questions, the top Manager of Apple, the company announced that the gestures don’t work because of a bug in the first beta. Federighi noted that in the following test Assembly 3D Touch will work again.

It should be noted that after the release of iOS 13 Beta 1 many users began to assume the worst. In fact, the lack of 3D Touch gestures in the first test Assembly was confirmed earlier rumors about Apple’s desire to abandon this technology. However, the reality was not so bad.

Craig Federighi said, even the approximate date of release of new beta version of iOS 13. However, many users believe that the second test Assembly will be available in the next couple of weeks.


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