The Ministry of communications is considering a bill on domestic preinstalling apps on smartphones and tablets, which are sold in Russia. The Agency has already announced similar plans, and I believe that the bill will not be able to spend this time. First, between producers and developers there is an agreement, according to which the application predustanavlivat on a commercial basis for the Android OS. Secondly, one of the largest smartphone manufacturers Apple presets the application in principle on all markets. Third, it reduces competition and increases corruption, because officials will decide which software will be pre-installed on phones.

Thus, the closure of the Russian market for Apple, not a speech, on the contrary, it begins to expand its range of accessories by offering the device for determining the blood sugar level OneDrop. The cost of this gadget is around $70. This price is higher than similar devices from competitors, but from OneDrop more attractive design and is integrated into the Health App. In the world more than 430 million diabetics, of which 44 million live in the United States, therefore, the device will be in demand. Sale OneDrop raise revenue Apple at $70-80 million in fiscal 2019. The accessory market to 2018 reached $17.4 billion and that the background contribution is negligible OneDrop. However, Apple can expect $9 billion in revenue cumulatively over the next three years.

The purchase of the startup, on the verge of bankruptcy with a minimum, according to our estimates, the premium means for Apple to implement the idea to develop software for self-driving vehicles of all types with CarPlay or through a separate application.

The target price on Apple to the end of the second quarter 2019 — $226.

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