Words sources was perceived incorrectly.

Last week, reliable sources at The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple plans to cut the iPhone’s price XR due to poor sales of the smartphone. As it turned out, the journalists incorrectly interpreted the statements of the sources. Actually Apple isn’t going to cut the iPhone’s price XR.

In the WSJ reported that Apple will reduce the iPhone’s price XR initially in Japan and later in other countries, where the demand for the smartphone does not live up to expectations. In the media interpreted this information as a panic attack from Apple, which by all means wants to sell more iPhones XR. Separate news outlets even published notes that Apple went to “desperate measures”.

Today said the same WSJ sources, Apple is no panic. The company will not reduce the price of the iPhone XR even in Japan. Apple only offer their authorized retailers in Japan the opportunity to sell the iPhone on XR is more beneficial for consumers. The official reduction of prices will not occur.

However, in the near future we should expect a gradual reduction in the price of the iPhone XR. As in previous years, the cost of the new Apple smartphone will decline.

Source: WSJ.


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