We are talking about amount to one million dollars as a prize to identify vulnerabilities in the iPhone is the biggest reward offered by the company to protect it from hackers, in the face of growing concerns about hacking mobile devices of users.

Unlike other technology vendors, Apple previously offered rewards only specially invited researchers who tried to find flaws in its phones and cloud backups.

Thursday for the largest annual security conference Black Hat in Las Vegas, the company has said it is open to the insights to all researchers and will offer a number of awards for the most important findings and suggestions.

The prize of one million dollars would apply only to remote access to core iPhone without any action on the part of the user. The previous highest award of the Apple was 200 thousand dollars for a “friendly messages” error, which can then be fixed with software updates and leave them vulnerable to hackers or spies.

U.S. government contractors and brokers have already paid a total of two million dollars for protection against the most efficient methods of hacking hackers to obtain information from devices. New Apple rewards, however, are in the same range as some paid contractors bonuses.

A number of private companies, such as Israeli NSO Group, develop the technology, which is licensed intelligence and law enforcement agencies for the sole purpose of prevention and investigation of terrorism and crime. In a statement, the company noted that it is not a tool designed for monitoring journalists who do their job, or a way to silence critics of the authorities.

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