Apple entered into a settlement agreement with Qualcomm in early April. Around the same time, the network appeared information about the fact that kupertinovtsy chipmakers paid significant compensation in the amount of $ 6 billion. However, recent data indicate that the amount was slightly less, around $ 5 billion.

Recently Qualcomm has published its latest quarterly report, from which it became known that Apple will pay chipmakers from 4.5 to 4.7 billion dollars. The exact amount will depend on the method of calculation of the payment. Apparently this payment is to repay the debt, which was formed after cupertinos ceased to pay royalties.

It is worth noting that in the past the network the sources also reported about the contributions that Apple will pay for each sold iPhone. According to unofficial data, each implemented in Apple’s smartphone to bring the Qualcomm 8-9 dollars.

Initially it was assumed that the main reason for settlement was the desire of Apple faster to get a 5G modems. Today, however, this information is indirectly denied by Tim cook. He noted that while Apple does not consider the possibility of using 5G in their devices. According to cook, the time for mass adoption of these technologies has not yet come.


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