Apple decided to increase the size of the awards for being dangerous vulnerabilities in Apple devices. Now the maximum amount of compensation rose to $ 1 million. Earlier, the cupertinos have never paid such amounts for finding vulnerabilities and bugs.

However, to get a million dollars will be very difficult. Cupertinos ready to pay such amount only for the detection of a vulnerability that will allow remote access to core iPhone without any action on the part of the smartphone owner.

The cupertinos will also have to pay substantial money for other vulnerabilities. For example, the company added a reward of $ 500,000 for the identified bug which will allow hackers to access user data.

Notably, Apple also began to pay rewards for finding vulnerabilities in all your operating systems and services. Thus, cupertinos want to incentivize experts to report bugs. Recall that earlier this year a researcher on information security found a vulnerability in macOS that allowed to reveal user passwords. However, he refused to share information with Apple due to the fact that the company did not pay remuneration for the discovery of bugs in the operating system.


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