The owners of websites and companies that host them is, use tools to monitor your navigation from one site to another. Because of this, they create your “profile”, which adds your interests and on their basis show you ads. On the one hand this is a handy feature, but on the other it is a visible interference in your privacy.

In this regard, many browsers started to adjust the level of “intervention” sites in the privacy of its users. So, just yesterday Apple has published updated rules governing how its Safari browser to block tracking you advertisers and web sites on the Internet. And it has strong arguments to follow the innovations to those who try to refuse to follow the new approach of the company.

”We treat the bypass measures to prevent the tracking with the same seriousness that the exploitation of security vulnerabilities. If the website tries to work around our methods for the prevention of surveillance, we can add additional limits without prior notice”, — stated in the updated Apple policy to combat tracking.

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