LONDON, 22 may — PRIME. Apple will provide users with more information about the performance of the smartphone after the update and battery life, said the British Office of competition and markets (Competition and Markets Authority, CMA).

“Apple has pledged to be more open with the issues of battery life and performance (smart phones)… last year, the CMA found that the technology company failed to warn customers that the performance of the device may decrease after you install the update software from 2017… the Management was concerned that people were forced to repair or trade their devices, because they do not know that their work is slowed down because of software updates,” — said in published on the government website the statement of the regulator.

The FDA concluded that information on the condition of the batteries in the phones of users was not readily available, the batteries have reduced capacity.

“C the moment CMA stated concern about these issues, Apple has already taken steps to become more open to iPhone owners. Today’s announcement confirms that the company has assumed formal obligations to inform people about the release of scheduled updates if they are largely unable to affect the performance of the devices. Apple also will make readily available information about the battery life of phones, unscheduled outages, and how users can extend the life of the battery,” — said in a statement.

The regulator said that Apple agreed to circulate these obligations already issued iPhone, and on future models.

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