Apple will not disclose to investors information about the number of sold iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. About it writes The Financial Times. About the decision became known during the presentation of the report for the fourth quarter.

Chief financial officer Apple Luca Maestri said that the data “today are not of great significance, as it was before”. Information was confirmed by CEO Tim cook.

Thus, the market will not be able to follow the average price dynamics of the devices. Experts believe that concealment of data is a sign of declining sales and the desire of Apple to hide failure, reports “Interfax”. The refusal to publish data on smartphones sales disappoint investors, said the asset Manager of the International private equity Fund Alexander Dushkin:

Alexander Dushkin, the asset Manager of the International Fund of private investments “Maybe they’re trying to shift the attention of investors that become a service company. In General, such decisions are perceived by the market negatively, because he doesn’t know what to think, and think about the bad. In this situation, of course, is perceived as the assumption that the sale of iPhone and other iOS devices will be weak. It might be the right assumption, the last quarters was not very convincing in the market all over the world. Planned sales decline in the range of 5-7%”.

Apple stock prices after the closing of the main session of trading on Thursday fell by 6.5%. Immediately after the release of the quarterly report, the company’s capitalization fell below $ 1 trillion dollars, then the stock rose again.

Previously, Apple announced record-breaking revenues in the last quarter. The company increased net profit by 20%, and total revenue for the three months reached 63 billion dollars.

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