Apple is developing a new accessory called the Apple Tag, which is designed to help in search of various things. Details shared by the relevant MacRumors.

The evidence was discovered in an internal test build of the mobile platform iOS 13, including images of the device. According to the source, the accessory is a small round mark with the Apple logo in the center. It is similar to many other Bluetooth trackers.

This tag will allow you to easily track your keys, wallet, purse or backpack using the app Locator. IOS 13 in the “locator” has a special tab Items to track things with a label.

The app will alert users when deleting from the label. Also the user will be able to make the tag beep through the app. If someone will find the thing with the Apple Tag, he will be able to find contact information about the owner of the label, and then to contact him by phone or iMessage.

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