Just like ChromecastВ foreseeable Apple’s plans to launch its own streaming television show with the author and a paid subscription. But in order to attract a large audience, companies need the announcement of cheaper alternatives to the Apple TV.

According to the newspaper the Information, in the near future Apple may release a product-analogue of such devices as Google’s Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The idea of such a compact adapter that when installed in the HDMI port of the TV the user can access television programs and services in the future, Apple plans to distribute by subscription.

To buy Apple TV for $159 and $179 would agree a few. And the company is well aware, therefore, thought about the release is available “analogue Apple TV”.

The same Chromecast second generation today costs just $29, and Apple is only one Siri Remote for Apple TV is more expensive.

A full launch streaming TV service Apple is scheduled for 2019. Time is running out, so in the coming months we may see inexpensive companion for Apple TV and a direct competitor of Google and Amazon.

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