The Chinese market is very important for Apple — it is there that the company has launched a version of the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max XR supports two physical SIM cards. But despite all attempts to stay in the top in the Chinese market, cupertinos increasingly yield its place to the local giants in the face of Oppo, Vivo and Huawei.

In order not to lose the Chinese market, Apple plans to release a special version of the new iPhone purely for the Chinese consumer. The main problem of Apple smartphone in China — its dearness. Price ranging from 6 to 10 thousand yuan for a smartphone too large for local buyers. And now Apple is going to reduce the cost of future iPhone for China by getting rid of unnecessary local residents functions. So, in China users rarely use FaceID, resulting in cupertinos intend to get rid of their innovative sensor, returning to his place of good-old Accounts. Precise data about when the American company intends to announce and release a special version of the new iPhone yet. But will be interesting to see how far Apple is willing to go to conquer the Chinese market.

Recall that the Russian market the company on the contrary can go. This is due to the intention of the Ministry to oblige all foreign companies manufacturing smartphones, laptops and PCs are preinstalled on their devices Russian.

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