The new device is “Apple” planning to take on Microsoft’s plans to release a tablet with two screens.
According to the newspaper United Daily News, analysts of research company IHS, Markit note: new from Apple will be equipped with flexible screen diameter, as the Macbook, but it is not known exactly how many inches it will be 12, 13 or 15. The new iPad will be installed in mobile processor series, and the antenna of the fifth generation communication (5G).

June is known for its accurate analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple will release new generation iPhone with support for new generation networks 5G in the next year. First innovative antennas will be equipped with only premium version of the devices, and in 2021, the entire line of new smartphones.

Analysts believe that with the new iPad Apple is going to compete with a future tablet from Microsoft, which also will be equipped with two screens. In June, insiders reported that the company has begun to conduct demonstrations of the prototype device, which has the working title of Centaurus, among employees.

Recall that in late June it became known that the chief designer of Apple’s jony Ive is leaving the company. Chair Quince is a two member team of Apple Vice President of industrial design Evans hunks and Vice-President in interface design Alan Grant. Apple also for the first time since 2015 has updated the iPod line touch. However, the fundamental differences of the new model, the old men there — the changes were just the processor.

Previously, Apple released two new tablet models — iPad mini and iPad Air 2019. iPad mini 2019 — the first in nearly four years, upgrading the line of tablets of reduced size from the Apple. At the presentation on March 25, Apple announced a new application, Apple News+. It includes over 300 of the best magazines in the world. And still the company refused from iTunes, has released a black theme and a separate OS for iPad.

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