The American company Apple wants to release a new iPhone with a more powerful 3D camera in the next 2020, says the Agency Bloomberg with reference to close to the company sources.

It is noted that the new camera will improve developed by Apple augmented reality technology.

New 3D camera long range can operate at a distance of 15 feet (about 5 meters). Now when you turn on the Bluetooth function of face recognition Apple Face ID set 3D camera is focused on the work at a distance of 25 to 50 centimeters.

When creating a new device will use a laser scanner. Now the technology point of projection, it didn’t work so well over long distances.

Company in new models of the iPhone wants to use a third, more powerful camera. Earlier in Apple’s plans to establish a new system of 3D cameras on the back of the gadgets released in 2019, but later the plans were revised.

As told the Agency interlocutor, Apple is in talks with Japanese company Sony on the testing of sensors for the new system. It is also noted that the new camera can be a prelude to the issuance by the company of headsets for augmented reality — her Apple was prepared for release in 2020.

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