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Apple will equip the iPhone sample 2020 revolutionary 3D laser-camera, said checked the sources to Bloomberg. New 3D camera will allow smartphones to do much more high-quality images, scan real objects for translation in the 3D model and a completely new way to interact with real world objects in augmented reality.

3D camera iPhone of 2020 will be created based on the laser scanner, and not on existing technology spot projection used in the camera system TrueDepth latest iPhone models. Thanks to the brand new technological solution camera can scan objects at a distance up to five meters. For comparison, the current system of point projection is used to scan faces face ID, working distance 25 to 50 centimeters.

Why do we need iPhone 3D camera?

Laser 3D camera the iPhone of 2020 will have a number of advantages. Due to the improved depth perception, the camera will be able to make more high-quality images. In particular, the pictures in portrait mode will be much better.

3D camera will have the ability to scan real-world objects to create three-dimensional models. The model can be used in various applications, including entertainment.

The key feature of the new cameras will support entirely new types of interaction with real world objects in augmented reality. Users will be able to restore the iPhone camera at objects and get different information. For example, if you point the camera at the monument, directly on the iPhone screen will appear with its description, additional images and supporting links.

Bloomberg noted that Apple is developing a variety of new ways for users to interact with real world objects in augmented reality. Apple uses them in their own augmented reality glasses Glass Apple, which is also due out 2020.

The sources pointed out that Apple originally wanted to equip innovative 3D camera 11 iPhone and iPhone 11 Max. But after decided to defer the introduction of a camera for a year.

Source: Bloomberg.


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