Apple plans to release augmented reality glasses next year, as reported by authoritative insiders. The gadget will be positioned not as a standalone device, but only as an accessory for the iPhone, which immediately makes it not so interesting on the background of competitors that can work without connecting to the smartphone.

This year augmented reality glasses from Apple should not wait — she has plenty of other things, and still need to develop a range of new smartphones at a reasonable price, not to goof ruler 2018, which almost nobody buys. However, its adherents have iPhone 2018, and for these devices even have a collection of accessories. For example, you can always buy a case XR for iPhone, so as not to scratch the delicate paint of the aluminum body. That to augmented reality glasses, that will only be wearable on the head screen, a picture on which will pass the smartphone. Most likely, Apple will make a wireless connection, not to run into the same problems that Google had with their glasses Glass in 2015, which is why they failed in selling.

The only question is how Apple will be able to implement the system power — she probably will try to place the batteries in the bow, but in this case, a good autonomy can hardly be hoped for. In defense of Apple is to say that rejection of the autonomy in this case has its advantages. Independent augmented reality glasses that you can buy right now weigh pretty much allows you to wear them for hours. Eliminating nearly all e-filling of their glasses, Apple will reduce their weight to a minimum and thereby increase the comfort of use. In fact, in the body, in addition to the screen and maybe the battery will only depth sensors so that software can determine the distance to a particular object. Apparently, the camera will also remain below the iPhone can “see” everything that’s currently by the user. It remains to add that in 2019, the industry augmented reality is developed worse, than the realm of virtual reality. Hardly one year that will change, but Apple may well give impetus to the development of this area. Price of the Apple augmented reality glasses could be $300, and for the money, as you know, you can buy a decent cell phone Xiaomi.

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