The new color needs to attract buyers.

In addition to the iPhone 11 and 11 iPhone Max fall 2019 Apple will release an updated iPhone model XR. New 6.1-inch iPhone XR 2019 will receive LCD display, improved camera and a new green color scheme.

According to sources Droidshout, the new iPhone XR sample 2019 will retain one of its main features is different colors. Apple plans to release iPhone XR 2019 in seven colors: black, white, yellow, coral, red, blue and green.

Green will be new to the iPhone line, XR. XR original iPhone released in six colors: black, white, yellow, coral, red and blue. According to sources the new color will be an additional variety.

Informed about the plans of Apple to release new iPhone models XR said other sources. In publishing the authoritative edition of The Wall Street Journal about iPhone XR 2019 emphasized that Apple will not be able to cancel the smartphone even if you want, because creating the device is in its final stages.

Reasons to cancel iPhone XR 2019 Apple could appear. The original iPhone XR for sale not at a record pace, because of what Apple has to resort to unusual methods of promotion. In addition, due to low demand early Apple lowered the iPhone’s price XR.

So, in Russia, XR iPhone with 64 GB of memory can be purchased for 59 990 rubles. The official price of a smartphone is more than 66 thousand rubles.

Source: Droidshout.


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