The company’s plans for the year 2019 did not change.

In 2019 Apple will release three smartphones, among which will be a 6.1-inch XR 2019 iPhone or “iPhone 2 XR”, according to reliable sources The Wall Street Journal. According to insiders, Apple will not be able to cancel the launch of a smartphone, despite the fact that the original iPhone XR, according to various sources, fails. The reason is that plans for iPhone sample of 2019 finally approved and change them later.

Planning for all iPhone sample 2019 progressed to such an extent that to cancel smartphones Apple, according to sources authoritative resource. Because of this, Apple is unable to cancel or alter a new 6.1-inch iPhone with LCD display, which will be the successor to the iPhone XR.

Experts do not exclude that Apple could be tempted to change iPhone sample 2019 with LCD display from the biggest iPhone sales XR. For example, to equip it with an OLED display, thereby making the model more attractive to buyers.

On the other hand, the company itself, Apple not only confirmed the “failure” iPhone XR, but also pointed to the popularity of the model. Just recently, Apple CEO Tim cook said that the rumors about the failure of iPhone XR are “complete nonsense“. According to official data, iPhone, XR is the best-selling iPhone model every day from the day of its release.

In addition, iPhone XR sample 2019 will definitely delight consumers with new opportunities. In particular, earlier it became known that the smartphone will get dual camera instead of single.

Source: WSJ.


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