Apple will release an accessory that can be attached to keys, purse or bag and learn about where they are. IOS 13 found the description of the system to search for personal belongings, reported MacRumors.

In early June, one of the developers found in the beta version of the mobile operating system iOS 13 references Apple gadget Tag. He suggested that we are talking about the geotag, which can be fastened to various things.

The management of such markers, as it turns out, will be integrated into the “Locator”. Through this app you can find a lost iPhone or other Apple gadget.

Also, the programmers found a picture relating to the new device. It is a white circle with the logo of the company. Perhaps we are talking about the wireless charger.

In code 13 iOS gadget to search for things has the symbol B389.

In one of the rows with its description reads: “Mark your stuff B389, and you’ll never lose them again.”

The distance from the geotag, a user will receive a notification on your phone. You can also click the search button, which activates an audible alarm on the label, and the thing will be easier to find.

Also in the “locator”, you can set zones in which no user will be notified about the removal of the tagged things.

It is expected that the tracker will present at the presentation of Apple, which will be held September 10.

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