Evidence found in the iPhone XS.

Apple may produce wireless charging AirPower, despite numerous rumors about technical problems. This is indicated by the user manual that the company sends to customers in a box with a new iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone.

In the manual there are instructions on charging. It says that the device need to put the screen up on AirPower or compatible charging that supports the Qi standard. It seems that Apple planned to start selling a new accessory with the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, but shortly before the release of the models have changed plans. It can be concluded that over the product continues to work and release it in the near future. However, in this case, it is unclear why after the presentation, September 12 from official website manufacturer disappeared all mention of AirPower.

There is another version. Apple wanted to release a new wireless charging, but failed to get rid of technical problems like overheating of the components and instability. Release accessory was canceled, but to alter the user manual simply do not have time.

Most insiders point out that AirPower is unlikely to come in the near future. Rumors about curtailing the development of a universal wireless charging partially confirms the fact that Apple has not commented on the situation and pretends not announced the gadget at last year’s presentation.

Source: MacRumors


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