The portal LetsGoDigital found another patent for a “leaky” screens. According to the document, such variations of displays, along with other tech giants eyeing and Apple.

However, the “Apple” development of technologies differs from some competitors. First, the “hole” in the smartphone located at the center and in the corner of the front panel. Second, to integrate the camera will not only in the phone, but other portable electronic devices.

The patent itself was filed by Apple in June, but the patent and trademark United States has approved it only on 8 November.

Previously, the portal showed the new LG patents. Published image on possible variations of smartphone screens. On the first three shows frameless design “hole” instead of monopoly. LG is considering placing front camera in the middle and at the edges. Moreover, one of the possible smartphones can receive one tapered side face.

Another patent dedicated to the main camera of the device and its position on the rear panel. In the image four lens placed in the shape of a square, which may remind users of similar design Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

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