Apple plans to release a special version of the iPhone without the scanner face ID. Instead, this phone will be the fingerprint Touch ID fingerprint sensor, says 9to5mac.

This decision is considered to reduce the cost iPhone in the Chinese market, where the company is trying to compete with cheap devices Oppo and Huawei. To do this, Apple can get rid of Face ID, since it is too expensive to manufacture. Instead, it is planned to place on the device the fingerprint scanner. It can be placed either on the back or under the screen, as do most manufacturers.

According to media reports, this version of the iPhone will be sold only in China. Apple previously released a special modification of devices like the iPhone Xs and Xr Max with two physical SIM cards, while in other countries, sold phones with a physical card and one eSIM.

Scanner three-dimensional shape of human face Face ID was introduced in 2018 in iPhone X. According to Apple, this is the most safe protection system, the probability of cracking which is 1 in a million, whereas the probability to bypass the security of Touch ID is 1 to 50 thousand. The company continues to use the fingerprint scanner in the MacBooks.

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