One of the Korean portals with access to workers, collecting iPhone, reported that Apple is preparing a unique interface for smartphones in 2019.

According to the latest rumors, the company involves in specific methods of navigating through the operating system. Experts suggest that next year Apple will show a system that can be controlled by waving hands in front of the camera.

Moreover, Korean journalists believe that the manufacturers of Android smartphones will rush to create something similar before the release of the iPhone 2019.

Such systems gesture control using 3D cameras have been used previously in a dedicated software. However, none of the major players in the market are not interested in technology and began to implement it in their devices.

With Apple’s all a bit different. As in the case of ARKit is likely to gesture control in iPhone just need to test the technology before the release of the brand AR points. That’s them that such a system will need. Once again, trying, at first glance, not the most successful solutions for the iPhone, Apple is gradually preparing to launch a brand new product.


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