The company is betting on the restored iPhone.

Apple is the leading manufacturer of the recovered smartphones — iPhone “As new” are very popular around the world. The company aims to offer customers even more formally and accurately restored devices.

Apple today for the first time updated the section with restored devices on its web site making it more convenient to use. In the update section there is a new restored iPad models and the Apple Watch, as well as reduced prices on some iPhone models. The revised section was launched only in those countries where Apple officially sells its restored device. In this regard, for Russian users, a new section is unavailable.

However, experts believe that Apple pay much more attention to refurbished devices. Statistics show that over the past two years sales growth restored iPhone was much more than the new models. Apple definitely noticed it and wanted to take advantage of the trend to the maximum.

Refurbished iPhone are particularly popular in developing countries, including in Russia. Analysts believe that in the near future Apple will supply the markets of such countries more than recovered products at the nice discount prices.

It should be noted that now in Russia from authorized retailers sold many restored models of the iPhone. Full list available for purchase models presented below:

  • iPhone SE 16 GB — 15 990 rubles.
  • iPhone 6s 64 GB — 23 990 rubles.
  • iPhone 6 Plus 16 GB — 20 990 rubles.
  • iPhone 6s Plus 64 GB — 26 990 rubles.
  • iPhone 7 32GB — 32 990 rubles.

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