12 July 2018, Apple has announced a new initiative to provide Chinese chain of suppliers of energy from renewable sources. For the realization of the project will take four years of work and $ 300 million.

Apple representatives believe that the proposed measures will help the Chinese partners of the company to use clean energy. It is very important for a Corporation that is a leader in the introduction of cleaner production technologies.

To complete the project has already formed a special Fund, to be administered by DWS Group relating to Deutsche Bank. The main areas of investment — development of solar and wind power plants capable of generating more than 1 GW of energy.

“At Apple, we proud to join companies that are actively working on solving the problems of climate change. We are very pleased that many of our vendors participate in this Fund, and hope that this model can be replicated globally to help organizations of all sizes to have a significant positive impact on our planet,” said Vice President of Apple’s environmental issues, policies, and social initiatives Lisa Jackson.

According to Jackson, the size of the investment will open to the project participants access to the most effective solutions. The initiative has been joined by more than ten suppliers from China. Most likely, the major part of the Foundation formed from the funds of the Corporation from Cupertino, the contribution of partners is not known.

Program for the implementation of clean energy was launched by Apple in 2015. Now it was joined by 23 of the supplier of components from 10 countries.


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