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Apple is known for its dry, different promotions and sales. The company never runs any competitive bids for the purchase of new devices, what leading analysts is not the first see the problem. However, in the near future Apple will change policy.

As it became known today that Apple will launch direct sales of the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch in the online store Amazon. It will be the first step towards the transition to a more loyal sales policy. To buy Apple devices on Amazon, it will be possible with the use of discounts, as well as taking into account the different shares that are held on site.

According to experts, in this regard, the sales volume of devices directly from the Apple reduced. Because of this Apple decided to stop to name the number of products sold from the next quarter. But the overall sales of iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch will increase, as Amazon is an incredibly popular platform.

In the future Apple will be released on other well known sites, including more accessible for Europe. For fans of Apple technology it will only be a plus, analysts say.

Experts have been suggesting Apple to start to arrange various lucrative deals for buyers of new devices. To illustrate, Chinese companies Huawei and Xiaomi, which sell every new device with a variety of promotions. Many of such shares are not absolutely beneficial for buyers, but nevertheless, discounts and gifts to attract consumers.


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