American Corporation Apple will start to produce clothing that is able to connect to the smartphone wirelessly. Reported by Apple Insider.

Thursday, January 10, the company placed a patent application entitled “Fabric with built-in electrical components” (Fabric With Embedded Electrical Components) on the website of the Office for patents and trademarks of the United States.

We are talking about material that will consist of “conductive” and “insulating” threads. “Conductive” fiber is the inner layers of the weave and ensure the propagation of an electrical signal to all parts of the things. From “insulating” threads designers will create the outer layers of clothing to prevent any contact of human skin with a “conductive” fibers.

The result of smart clothing Apple will be able to perform a variety of functions: for example, to collect information about the health of the owner, bringing it to the iPhone screen, or play music through the built-in thing earphones.

In December 2018, the Russian manufacturer of luxury smartphones and accessories Caviar has released a series of new iPhone XS. On the back cover of one of the devices on modern technologies, built a smart watch Apple Watch Series 4.

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