The first project will be released in 2019.

Apple has held talks with major film companies with the aim to join the business and start shooting big-budget movies, according to CNBC. According to sources, Apple has managed to agree about cooperation with the company A24, which released such Oscar-winning hits as “Lady bird”, “Amy” and “Moonlight”.

The first joint project between Apple and the film company A24 will be released in 2019. What would that be at the moment unknown. However, the source notes that Apple plans to seriously invest in the project.

According to previous rumors, in 2019, Apple plans to launch its own streaming service for movies, TV series and TV shows. It is not excluded that the joint project with the film company A24 will serve to promote the service among users. Earlier it was reported that a new streaming service Apple will be free and will work in Russia simultaneously with the world.

Source: CNBC.


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