Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose predictions have repeatedly proved to be reliable, told us that Apple will go to Micro LED-matrix in a future iPad Pro and MacBook Pro already in 2020-2021 years. Most likely, it will be the new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro.

According to the analyst, the new display uses about 10 thousand LEDs, the size of which is less than 200 micrometers. By the way, professional monitor, Apple Pro Display XDR, presented at WWDC 2019, used for no more than 576 LEDs.

Mr. Kuo believes that through the use of technology Micro-LED, Apple can make their devices thinner and light. Another advantage of Micro LED in the production of products is cheapness and durability of this technology compared to OLED-matrices.

Recall that at the moment Apple is extremely dependent on Samsung in order to use the OLED-matrix the production of the Korean company. In the case of the use of technology Micro-LED, Apple will be able to reduce dependence on the supply of OLED-displays, as well as to raise the level of quality of the screens in iPad and MacBook.

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