If you believe the network sources, in the past few months, Apple is actively looking for suppliers of displays for the new iPhone. Primarily this is done in order to reduce its dependence on Samsung Display. However, it is possible that the cupertinos are also hoping to obtain from other producers more favorable price.

According to the latest rumors, to compete with Samsung Display to supply display panels for the new iPhone may LG. However, Apple will use modules from a new supplier mainly in the service centers.

In other words, if the user will need to replace the faulty display module in the new iPhone, then with high probability the service center will replace the screen from Samsung to LG display.

More widely the display modules produced in the factories of LG, should begin to be used in Apple smartphones in the next year. For the remaining time the manufacturer will have time to deal with possible problems in the production and output of its plants at the required capacity for Apple.


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