Fingerprint scanners thing of the past?

2019-2020 is expected to present an explosion of demand for VCSEL lasers, which are used in 3D face scanners for smartphones. The reason for the interest from manufacturers is the desire to implement solutions similar to Face ID from Apple. It is reported by DigiTimes, citing reliable industry experts have already started to record an increase in demand for lasers VCSEL.

Apple became the first smartphone manufacturer that has recognized the fingerprint scanners obsolete and moved to the facial recognition system. Last year’s iPhone X was the first smartphone with an advanced system of 3D scanning face ID. Unlike previous scanners, Face ID that identifies the user in conventional photography, and a specially created map that is tailored to depth. Due to this Face ID has the highest accuracy of the face and to cheat the system without creating a mask with the help of special equipment is impossible.

The basis of the Face ID is a surface-emitting laser with a vertical resonator (VCSEL). The Asian market observers noticed that the number of planned orders for these lasers has increased significantly. Moreover, the customer ceased to be only Apple.

This means that other smartphone manufacturers are planning their own counterparts Face ID. According to the forecasts of insiders, in the next two years lasers VCSEL will be a great demand, as they will begin to appear in more and more smartphones.

Source: DigiTimes.


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