The situation is ambiguous.

The company “eppl Rus”, through which Apple sells its devices in Russia, has reported on financial progress for the year 2017. The report surprised even eminent experts. Apple’s revenue in Russia increased to a record level in 151,9 billion rubles. but net profit fell from 80% to 1.28 billion RUB.

According to the published financial report “eppl Rus”, its revenues in 2017, up 23% compared with the year 2016 and $ 151,9 billion. However the company’s profit decreased by 76% to 2.1 billion rubles, and net profit and at all to 80% to 1.28 billion.

Experts say that Apple products remain popular in Russia and nothing to worry about. Another record revenue says that the Russians are actively buying Apple equipment and use its services.

The fall in profits associated with the increased activity of the company. In particular, Apple began to pursue a more aggressive and protracted campaign. However, exactly how much the company spent on promotion of the devices is unknown.

The Source: Interfax.


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