The study of computer secretaries were required to find the net 30 books from the list of bestsellers according to the New York Times. Guinea became “Alex” from Amazon, the world famous Siri, which is available in every Android smartphone, the Google assistant, “cortana” (Microsoft), and specialty assistant Samsung — Bixby. They were asked four requests: just the name of the book and the author (for example “OK Google, “War and peace” Leo Tolstoy”), and three more syntactically simple version of “I want to read”, “I want to hear” and “I want to order” along with the book title and author.

For a successful detection and the search was awarded one point — a maximum of 120. Google has a strong lead with 87 points, the next is cortana with 73 points. The remaining members are unable to answer half the questions: “Alex” scored 53 points and Bixby — 28. Record set is the most advertised of all the Siri — 18 points, that is, only 15% of correct answers.

Despite the fact that voice assistants are designed to minimize tactile user interaction with the device, the most difficult to recognize was the phrase “I want to listen to [book title] [author]”. Assistants in total were able to answer only 8% of these requests.

After analyzing the results, the staff of Score Publishing came to the conclusion that if users will not be manually corrected search queries voice assistants and refuses to buy the book, the authors will lose $ 17 million. Data is only based on the best seller list The New York Times, if the sample will be wider, the numbers become even more frightening.

Score Publishing is an American publishing house engaged in distribution of paper books to their digital voice. The study was timed to coincide with the London book fair Quantum (Quantum London Book Fair), where the company presented the results.

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