Because of U.S. sanctions imposed on Russia, the application for short term tenancy “” has been removed from the App Store.

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, 20% of the total number of bookings in the app were in the Crimea. On 17 August it was removed from the App Store. To return to the program “” in the store, you need to remove the possibility of renting on the Peninsula. Other services real estate rental sanctions are not affected.

“The application cannot be submitted to the App Store because of anti-Russian sanctions. The shop may not post, distribute and deal with applications and developers related certain countries to which the United States has imposed an embargo,” reads the letter sent by Apple to the developers of the program.

For users of Android devices download “” is available.

This program is the only one who faced problems when working in the App Store. In Addition To “The” similar services of rental housing in the Crimea offer the CYAN, Domofond and “Yandex.The estate”. Sanctions may affect these applications in the near future.

“We plan to continue to apply for the inclusion of our app to the store. You may have to make concessions and to remove Crimea from issuing it in the app on iOS,” says Ksenia Tilkunova, representative “”.

Earlier services booking and Airbnb have faced sanctions. They had to limit the activities in the Crimea.


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