Android this year was 11 years, and during that time this OS came hundreds and even thousands of applications. Google has its own directory of programs for Android, which however, are not all utilities ever issued under this operating system. Often because of changes in the rules of the app store and play permanently away from it, and have to look for them on other sites. A huge selection of such programs and toys can be found on the website

On this website, so many different applications and video games: for example, find a popular toy on Hello Neighbor will not be easy. The project, by the way is very interesting and somewhat reminiscent of the classic game “neighbours from hell”, once popular on PCs and laptops based on Windows. Of course, literally every app on is in his category — the website is very well structured, his card is clear, but if there is no desire to manually search for the desired program, you can use the search form. Unlike many similar resources, here it is not hidden away — it is placed right at the top of the website.

The above applies both to ordinary applications, and video games — all categories, all on the shelves. The catalogue is free, but legal versions of the toys and utilities, as rare or common, but it is important to note that to install it all on your smartphone or tablet you will need to manually, by copying the downloaded package into the memory of the gadget and launch its installation. For those who don’t know how to do this, the site has simple and straightforward instruction that will help to cope with this problem. In the future you will be able to install therefore any application to not be dependent on proprietary Google.

In addition to the programs and toys offers various widgets that extend the functionality of your gadget, as well as the impressive size of the collection of Wallpapers that will allow you to customize the device to your liking. All of this is free and is guaranteed not to contain viruses and other malicious software. By the way, the manual installation is only available on Android — is it a huge advantage over Apple iOS.

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