The first rumors that Apple is working on its own AR device appeared online a few years ago. In the past network sources even reported on is not entirely successful testing of the prototypes. However, respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo sure that before the official announcement is not so much time.

According to experts, Apple may begin mass producing its own augmented reality glasses in the fourth quarter of this year, and the announcement should take place in the second quarter of 2020.

Also, Ming-Chi Kuo said that the first version of Apple’s AR glasses will be strong enough to depend on iPhone. In fact, glasses will be a kind of additional display which will have a very limited functionality. All calculations will occur on the iPhone and wirelessly transmitted to an external screen. However, the latter is more of a guess. About how the image is transferred to Ming-Chi Kuo predictions did not.

It is difficult to say whether Apple is really interested in users of such product. While neither Microsoft nor Google are unable to create a popular augmented reality glasses and in the end was forced to restructure some of their projects.


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