Recently, thanks to one of the patents that Apple has registered in the Bureau of patents and trademarks of the United States, became aware of the fact that the future Apple AR headset will be able to help people with poor eyesight.

According to available data, the AR headset will be able to restore sight to people who, because of advanced age or illness can’t see. In particular, the device will increase the angle or positioning before the eyes of the image of important objects. Also in the patent spelled out and other options using the headset. For example, it can be used as a magnifying glass or even binoculars.

It is worth noting that the illustrations to the patent AR headset, Apple represented not in the form of points or similar module, and in a separate device that the user holds in his hands. It is not excluded that the novelty will be made in the form of an additional module for a mobile device.

Recall that the first rumors about Apple’s AR device appeared online a few years ago. Sources even reported that Apple has begun testing this gadget. However, while the new device was not announced. Now some believe that Apple will show its AR-gadget this fall.


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