Magic Leap will launch its first AR helmet that Magic Leap One already in the summer of 2018. As soon as the company reported, the product has hit the FCC for certification – Road Tovr.

Apparently, Magic Leap gradually finishes work on all of your products. Last month, the FCC appeared controller Magic Leap, and now his example was followed by Lightware headset and the module for computing Lightpack.

What is the FCC?

The Federal communications Commission (FCC) of the United States is mandated to certify the products with electromagnetic radiation that they were safe. Devices using radio, WiFi, infrared sensors, etc need certification.

Only after it they will be able to get on the shelves of stores around the world, so the appearance of the gadgets in the FCC means their imminent appearance on the market.

To avoid dissemination, Magic Leap, like many other companies, filed a request to maintain the confidentiality of all documentation. Therefore, FCC will not disclose the photos of device and test settings, Magic Leap, and user manual.

Price and specifications

Accurate cost data and product specifications no. But before the CEO of the company announced that Magic Leap One, which is intended for developers, will cost as a premium computer.


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