British firm Foster + Partners signed a pledge of Net Zero Carbon Buildings. This means that by 2030 all new buildings created by the architects, will be carbon neutral.

The interior of the headquarters of Bloomberg, designed by Foster + Partners.

Cities and organizations that are signatories to the agreement undertake to create new buildings with zero carbon emissions by 2030. To reduce the carbon footprint of the existing buildings they need by 2050.

The obligation came into force at the world summit on climate in September 2018. The initiator was the world green building Council (WGBC). According to the report of the Council for 2019, the agreement was signed by representatives of 51 organizations, cities, including new York, London and Tokyo, as well as in individual States and regions. Norman foster was one of the last organizations that joined the agreement.

“We are proud to become the first architectural office, which joined the commitment of Net Zero Carbon Buildings”, — said the partner of Foster + Partners and head of the division for sustainable development Chris Trott.

By 2050, the organization for the fight against climate change aim to reduce carbon emissions and limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. WGBC is committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the construction industry 84 gigatons over the next 30 years.

The building with a neutral carbon emissions, reduce or compensate carbon emissions arising from the construction and during the existence. They use energy efficient systems, such as renewable energy sources.

Foster + Partners designed the campus and shopping for Apple ehnebuske and even a spaceport. In 2018, the Bureau won the RIBA Stirling Prize for the headquarters of Bloomberg in London. This building claims the title of most sustainable office in the world. On its facade there is a bronze shutters that can be opened for natural ventilation, and panels with thousands of energy saving LEDs.

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