The group is accustomed to total comfort Muscovites, gritting his teeth, rowing to shore in the Indian ocean. Only that they survived the shipwreck and are now groping in the dark, to get to an uninhabited island where they will spend seven days without communication, food and fresh water.

Analog TV project “the Last hero” for wealthy clients without the status of celebrity was invented in Russia, the main “expert survivalist” ed Halilov. Their lives and the millions he is trusted by entrepreneurs and top managers, tired of offices in “Moscow-city” and personal drivers. In 2019, for example, to survive in the Maldives were visited by the CEO of the group of QIWI companies, ex-member of the list of 200 richest businessmen of Russia according to Forbes, Sergey Solonin. Extreme courses bring Halilov about 50 million rubles in revenues and 20 million rubles of net profit per year.

Fight club in Russian

A teenager Khalilov came all the forests in the vicinity of his native Ufa in the local tourist club. After ninth grade he decided to get a profession as an electrician to earn while studying, and went to Vocational school of Bashkirenergo. But then went back to school craze and entered the Department “Protection in emergency situations” Ufa state aviation technical University (USATU). In parallel with study worked in the structures of Rosaviakosmos engineer on labor protection, and in his spare time sharing their skills: held for friends free survival courses in the woods, taught to paddle down the river, to make fire, water and food, to distinguish edible plants.

After graduation Khalilov went to work in Novy Urengoi: “Pay more and wanted to know what the far North”. But a year of life on the Yamal bored: he saved money and moved to Saint Petersburg where he found a job you like — began to conduct so-called “men’s courses” at the International training centre. “It was a very popular topic at the time, sparring, fight clubs, rope-jumping (jumping on climbing ropes from tall objects — Forbes), physical, moral and volitional training, working with fears,” explains Khalil.

“Many people think that survival is stupid to build a shelter and start a fire. It’s very primitive. Survival is intelligence”

Customers looking for in social networks, on one training came to 150 people, it was worth the pleasure about 15 000. For their coach services Khalilov received a good by the standards of St. Petersburg a salary of 100 000 rubles per month, moreover, has traveled all over Russia and about half of CIS countries. Three years later the company changed direction, and Khalil decided to launch their own project for a long time a favorite theme of survival. “This niche was very poorly developed and existed only locally in the regions. We launched a Federal project, organizing courses from all over Russia in all the cities. About the project in the media space learned from a lot of people, which gave an impetus to development,” says Khalilov. With the support of his wife Eugenia, he registered LKD and decided to monetize a personal brand as an entrepreneur.

According to the Creator of the project, “Challenge accepted. Innovative team building” Igor lyutenko, Khalilov first occupied an unusual niche trainings on survival. “I imagine a training or teambuilding company, which would seriously argue that competition is “the Science of victory” ed Halilov,” says the entrepreneur. The interactive segment of security training in Russia, in his opinion, “as it does not exist in principle”. “Maybe someone is trying to sell a product with the game in fire fighting and first aid dummy, but this is all at school level, “summer Lightning,” says Lucenko.

The Bible for citizens

“Many people think that survival is stupid to build a shelter and start a fire. This is a very primitive way, is one thousandth part of what will be useful. The reason for this stereotype in a huge number of shows that show only spectacular and not always effective things in the air, says Khalilov. — During my classes I give practical skills and teach people that survival is the intelligence that the brain is your main tool.”

Their courses it was precisely on this principle: taught how to survive in the wild and in the wilderness, as it is reasonable to act in the attack of wild animals. “The instructor needs to understand different fields, ranging from navigation by the stars to tactical medicine and psychology of human behavior in extreme situations,” adds the entrepreneur.

To give the business a Federal scale, Khalil decided to work through intermediaries — by the course organizers on the ground. They had to gather people on the course name Khalilov. The author of course took the fixed amount of 200 000 rubles, and the income of the organizers depended on them it was possible to attract 30 to 50 people at a price of about 16 000 rubles for the course and to leave in “good plus”. Khalilov took off their organizational work, but to lead courses in each city were visited personally.

“When I took a course ed in Chelyabinsk, I have no difficulty to recruit people for a course in Ufa — there were so many impressions that I could very easily explain to a person that we give for the money. And I understand that competitors in the market just yet,” — says one of the organizers Evgeny Loginov. He joined the team Khalilov in the spring of 2018 and for a few months organized in the cities of the Urals three forest course. According to him, this managed to earn about 200,000 rubles of net profit.

One 2016 Khalilov spent about 35 courses from Moscow to Vladivostok. According to the businessman, it brought him more than 7 million rubles of net profit.

“We need to take the first available brick or a beer bottle and throw into the window of the nearest store. Well, if it’s an expensive boutique”

Success lessons to survive in the forest got acquainted with the idea of learning new skills. “The forest is good and useful, but we all live in the city. And there’s even more danger than in the forest,” said the businessman. In early 2016, he developed a course on urban safety. Residents of cities Khalilov taught, for example, on what floor in the hotel it is safer to stay (not exceeding the third: if a fire starts, get out — a fire engine pulls out only up to the third floor) and what better place to take in the cafe (next should be a window through which you can get out in case of emergency, and behind the wall to a robber or a terrorist couldn’t attack back).

When compiling this “Bible for the townspeople” were useful and knowledge acquired at the University, and criminal summaries. “I have studied the statistics of the Ministry of emergencies fires, robberies, accidents over the past 30 years has investigated the causes of the incidents and come up with possibilities to avoid them,” says Khalilov.

For example, in the plane, according to his calculations, it is better to take the last seat on the aisle: in the crash the passengers in these seats a chance to escape several times higher than the rest. “The plane almost always falls either nose down, or if he sits in the forest, all the muzzle breaks on the trees. The recent tragedy at the airport when people died in the back of the plane exception, the so-called “survivorship bias” — it can not be guided, this situation is one in a million”, explains the entrepreneur his theory.

He also had more non-obvious recommendations. If you are trying to steal or just a group of strangers behaving suspiciously, and you know that calling the police is useless, “it is necessary to take the first available brick or a beer bottle and throw into the window of the nearest store.” “Well, if it’s an expensive boutique. They are all guarded by private security service, any incident — and a maximum of three minutes they (security guards — approx. Forbes) on the spot, says Khalilov. — Guarding-armed and already on edge. This unconventional approach will be able to save you in this situation from a much more disastrous consequences than a broken shop window”.

Moving to the mountains

When survival course in the forest and in the city visited all the familiar Khalilova, he thought about the new direction. The choice fell on the mountains. The first group of associates managed to gain almost a day. “I just held a webinar, which said, “Guys, I want to organize the ascent of Elbrus. Join and have fun. That’s a hundred people were on the webinar — hundred filings this evening,“ says ed. He Khalilov status mountain guide, was so to organize climbing, hired several instructors, climbers with years of experience and physicians.

Six months before the start of the hike, the group recorded more than 100 people — part of it came through other webinars, some were friends already registered participants. The entrepreneur admits he did not expect such a rush: “We raised the mountain 200 people in two months. People over the years accumulated a database — it was a sensation“.

The cost of the campaign at the start of sales amounted to 40 000 rubles per person, excluding flights to Mineralnye Vody and equipment, which the participants have bought their own. For the salary of instructors, food, rental camps, accommodation at the hotel took about half of revenue. Thus, during the summer on the project Khalilov helped about 8 million and 4 million of them made a profit.

In three years, the list of destinations has grown and is now “Science of victory” leads a group not only on Elbrus, but Kazbek, Keele Peak and the base camp of the highest peaks of the earth Everest. A seven-day climbing costs to participants in the amount of 50 000 to 150 000 rubles, depending on the direction. For the calendar year in campaigns involving about 200 people that bring about 20 million rubles of revenue and the same 4 million in net profit.

Extreme cruise

The price tag on the ascent in the “Science of victory” above market, recognized Khalil. Therefore, among the clients of many wealthy people — entrepreneurs and managers, accustomed to a comfortable life. But there are no preferences to them, the author of the course does not — all the participants are living in equal conditions. “We have the menu as usual with climbers, buckwheat, canned meat. And my employers do not eat, I ask, what you have here is PFC (the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in food — approx. Forbes). The chef’s Kabardino-Balcarce, who always prepares the food for the climbers — all about that PFC never heard,“ laughs Khalil.

From media personalities to the mountains with Khalil were members of the musical group “the Grotto”. Opinion leaders the entrepreneur usually invited to participate free of charge in exchange for coverage. “With the “Science of victory” we work on barter, as our participation is also a function of attracting a new audience to the event of the project”, told Forbes member of the “Grotto” Vitaly Yevseyev. The following year, “Science of victory” along with the group is planning to organize an ascent of Elbrus. After conquering the summit “the Grotto” will give in the base camp acoustic concert.

“My employers do not eat, I ask, what you have here is BDIM. The chef’s Kabardino-Balcarce, who always prepares the food for the climbers — all about that PFC never heard”

“In the mountains, in the forest there, to survive in the city learned. Maybe the sea?” — reasoned Khalilov and in 2017, has launched a Maritime expedition. Rented wooden ship “Shtandart” from the eponymous project — a replica of the ship in the time of Peter I, who in 2016, participated in the festival of graduates “Scarlet Sails”, found the captain and picked my team. The first voyage went 24 people, mostly regulars forest hikes, hooked on the thrills — “plant owners, Directors, entrepreneurs from different” lists Khalilov. The cost of participation was €1500.

“We are in the process of the movement studied, operated sails, gear. And there ropes only 1.5 tons. Sleeping in hammocks, swabbing the deck, themselves climbed the masts, the yards,” recalls Khalil. The journey lasted a month — from Portugal to Spain and then across the Atlantic to France. For the first sea trip entrepreneur managed to earn about €36 000, of which €7000 remained in the form of net profit. Now the “Science of victory” in a three year sea voyage, which brings €100,000 in revenue. After expenses, rental vehicle, meals, team work and advertising budget Khalilov remains €20 000 profit.

Island of luck

Having achieved commercial success in the woods, the mountains, on the water and in the city, Khalil decided to fulfill an old dream: to go on a desert island. In the 2000s, he was selected for one of the TV shows in the spirit of “survivor” (which I do not remember), but the island never got — at the last moment the producers decided that rent will be only celebrities. In 2018 this Gestalt Halilov has managed to close, and at the same time to start the most profitable business for survival.

Khalilov decided not to reinvent the wheel and took as a basis the scenario of a popular reality show which ran worldwide on the franchise, and in Russia it was called “the Last hero”. His program “Turboscrew” lasts seven days, during which the participants must learn to earn their living, to build houses and rafts, shelter from hurricanes. “So it doesn’t become a routine, we decided to include gamification — all participants were divided into tribes to compete for food, water, tools, clothes,” — says the businessman. All tests being taken by a professional camera crew. Then these videos appear on the YouTube channel Khalilov “Science of victory”, which was signed on 31 000 people.

If the previous courses were, for the most part, in a natural environment, but this time I had to think seriously about the organization. Where to get a desert island? Together with a partner on atom project by Ilya Shumilkina Khalilov rented one of the Islands Atoll of the Maldives archipelago due to the “relations with local entrepreneurs” (the details of the transaction he does not disclose). Fun at a cost of $1 million over 10 years. According to open data, to do that really easy: search produces dozens of web sites, to assist with the lease of the island “here and now”.

“I was invited into this adventure the whole family and promised that we will have a “red button”. In fact no button was not when we were on the island without food and water, I thought that I was there, or kill, or stop talking forever”

The cost of participation is $5000. The price tag is not exorbitant, but still not for “mere mortals,” admits Khalil. Usually customers “Turboscrew” are seeking thrills big businessmen, managers or bloggers.

In the winter of 2019, the island was visited by the co-founder of the group of companies Qiwi Sergey Solonin family. “We have friends in common. Blogger Sergey Kosenko was on the island, and at a meeting with Sergei Corned told you about us. Perhaps this was also one of the elements, why does corned beef have decided to work with us,” says Khalilov. To orders from hard-to-reach characters came more, he actively works with bloggers: in addition to Sergei Kosenko (1.1 million followers on Instagram), on the island visited Love Sidorkin (3.3 million subscribers) and already the regulars courses Khalilov — group “Grotto”. The direction annually brings about $750,000 revenues and $150,000 in net profit.

Solonin confirmed Forbes, that Khalilov was introduced Kosenko (Kosenko on Forbes questions not answered). “The idea is to check power on a desert island, I think, lives in any boy. So I just decided that I wanted to repeat the feat of Robinson Crusoe with his family,” explains co-founder Qiwi. According to him, the most difficult on the island were not the very survival, and the need to negotiate with loved ones that they will participate in the project. “I was invited into this adventure the entire family, including my brother and his girlfriend. Well, and promised, that if anything we will have a “red button” and we immediately arrive. In fact no button was not when we were on the island without the things in a storm, without water and food, the family immediately asked to press the magic button, says Solonin. — In General, thought me there or kill, or stop talking forever. But when it was realized that aid would not be something happened that happens in every family we came together and started to save ourselves one big team. It is very us all closer together, it was really cool. We talked a lot”.

Life safety for white collar

Halilov got the hand in working with private clients and drew attention to the b2b segment. It turns out that the science to survive and to ensure the safety want to learn not only individual enthusiasts but also the whole company. Last year, the entrepreneur has conducted dozens of corporate training, which brought him about 10 million rubles of revenue.

One of the customers was the advertising Agency Departament, which, according to Khalilov, ordered scenario “harder”. “I took the smoke bombs, went to their office and just left. Response — tough! No one knows sit. Instead of running and alert, they take off on the phone,” laughs the entrepreneur. According to him, in an emergency this way will do 99% of the employees, and to solve this problem is that the owner of the business. “One fire can reset all the results to which the owner conducted its business for many years. The examples are not far to seek — the tragedy in children’s camp “Kholdomi”, shopping Mall “Winter cherry”, “Lame horse” — lists Khalilov. — Practice actions in the event of a fire, terrorist attack, if someone from the staff or visitor became ill. Believe me, even if one day your employees will need this knowledge, it will be well worth your time and money.”

One such training session is a client from 100 000 to 350 000 rubles, their gross margin reaches 80%. Among the permanent clients of “science of victory” — the departments of safety of the fuel company Shell, the Garage, “Kaspersky Lab”, “Mango Telekom”, “Leroy Merlin”, AK bars Bank and others. Igor lyutenko of the company, “Challenge accepted. Innovative team building” evaluates the market for corporate teambuilding in Russia in 1,5 billion roubles, and notes that the demand for unusual formats is growing every year.

Sales Director “Mango Telecom” Alexander Shikunov was asked to conduct the course of security in the city for their colleagues. Training cost 5000 rubles per person and included two days of theory and practice. “As far as we are all helpless, it becomes clear almost immediately. It turned out, most of the group, for example, literally are unable to do the simplest is to change a tire on the car or get another car to tow when someone is buried in the mud on the road blurred. No one knows how to act in case of fire” — lists of Chikinov. According to him, the training helped to understand how, if necessary, to protect yourself, your family, friends or colleagues at work.

Last year, the business has grown so much that Halilov is no longer enough of IE and he decided to register a company. In August 2018, together with Evgeny Loginov — one of the most successful organizers of forestry courses in the field, and the two partners entrepreneur created LLC “Science of victory”. Only the founders are four people, each has 25%. “Ed and his wife Evgenia are logged in as the course authors, ambassadors, and I as a Manager,” explains Loginov, who holds the position of Executive Director and is responsible for sales and financial unit. Last year the company opened an office in Ufa, and three months ago moved to Moscow. Now in the “Science of victory” employs 15 people.

This summer Khalilov also decided to go online and launched online courses on security. To attract customers, he took a few dozen introductory video — short versions of the lessons, the production took about 1 million rubles. In the process of webinars you can ask questions and debate with the leading. An annual subscription to participate in the weekly webinars will cost 20 000 rubles. Among the topics: what to bring when going to the forest for mushrooms; how to prepare your child to emergency if he goes to summer camp. “The more people online, the more people we have at different events,” explains strategy Khalilov. Such online school entrepreneur plans to launch in the corporate format.

“The task of man is to live a long, vibrant and eventful life. My project this task easier: the skills of behaviour in any critical situation increase the chances of a long life, and the activity and adventure, it will nourish the human energy and memories,” concluded Khalil.

The most successful bloggers of Russia — 2019. The Forbes

1 of 9
RIA Novosti

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Alexander Kornuhin for Forbes

3 out of 9
Sergei Savostyanov / TASS

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5 out of 9
Persona Stars / Legion-Media

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From the personal archive

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Vova Gavrikov / URA.RU / TASS

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9 of 9
Alexander Mamaev / URA.RU / TASS

Ksenia Sobchak, 37 years
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 12
Income: $1.0 million
Subscribers in Instagram: 6.5 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: more than 851 000 / 55.8 mln more
The daughter of the first mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak and former Federation Council member Lyudmila Narusova.

23 Dec 2017 became the presidential candidate from the party “Civil initiative” (June 2018 renamed the “Party of change”). Четвtртое took place in the presidential election on March 18, 2018, gaining 1 237 692 (1,68%) votes.

Known for his interviews with major Russian businessmen and politicians who came out in the program “Sobchak alive” on TV channel “Rain”.

From 20 may 2019 has been the chief producer of a new entertainment TV channel “Super”.

The main income Sobchak brings management of corporate events and advertising in Instagram. The largest advertising contracts signed with Bosco di Ciliegi, “L’etoile”, Pandora, and Dior Makeup.

In March 2015, made his debut as a stage actress in the play “Marriage” of the theatre of Nations. The main role in this production was played by her ex-husband Maxim Vitorgan.

In June 2018, was released documentary film “Sobchak Case” based on script by Ksenia Sobchak and Faith Krychev.

“I don’t know what will happen in 10 years. Maybe I’m bored, I’ll go to India and will live in the Ashram. So far no such desire” (Forbes, 2012).

Nastya Ivleva, 28 years
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 14
Income: $0.9 million
Subscribers in Instagram (main account): 12.4 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: over 3 million / more 175,7 million
The first promotional offer Nastia Ulevoi did when her blog in Instagram gathered 10,000 subscribers. It was an advertisement for the Dating website Badoo, where you Ivlieva earned 15,000 rubles.

In 2016, the success Ulevoi noticed on television: first, she was invited to show “anything” on TV channel “Yu”, and then in the transfer of “heads and tails” on “Friday.” (from it she went to the end of 2018).

Last year Ivlieva launched his own YouTube show. She also continues to grow in Instagram, she has more than 12 million subscribers.

For the main spoken YouTube show “wdud” issue with Ulevoi remains the most popular — interviews of more than 26 million views.

In 2018 Ivlieva became a producer. It produces in Instagram leading “Match TV” Yulia Koval and Instagram-blogger Vitaly Vidyakina.

The first lady of the Runet: as Nasty Ivlieva learned how to make millions in personal brand

Yuri Dude, 32 years

Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 18
Income: $1.4 million
The Instagram followers: 2.2 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: more than 5.7 million / more 665,6 million
In journalism came at the age of 11 wrote the notes for the “Youth newspaper”, with 14 years worked (initially freelance) in the sports edition of “Izvestia”.

Since 2011 — chief editor In 2018, moved to the position of Deputy General Director of the publication, and in early 2019, the became its co-owner.

In 2012-2013, led the football talk show “Blow your head” on TV channel “Russia-2”, in the autumn of 2015 until early 2017 was a co-host of the program “cult tour” on the “Match TV”.

In February 2017 launched on YouTube the author’s show “wdud”, where he interviews interesting entrepreneurs, politicians, journalists, actors, Directors, and representatives of show-business and the Internet, and also produces documentary films.

Audience of the channel “wdud” as of the end of July 2019 — more than 5.7 million subscribers. Editions of the show in total was about 664 million times.

A year before the 2018 world Cup in Russia Dude took part in the campaigns of Alfa-Bank, Head & Shoulders, Hyundai, Veon, Adidas and other more modest brands.

Size, 34

Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 21
Income: $2.7 million
The Instagram followers: 1.7 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: more than 7.4 million / 1.6 billion

Real name Valentin Petukhov

Cocks began with reviews on Apple equipment, this explains his nickname. Wylsa the abbreviation of “Would you like some apples?” (“Do you want some apples?”).

In December 2017, Sberbank has signed an exclusive contract with Wylsacom. Blogger became the Ambassador of the state Bank. Under the contract he is testing the “digital services company and tells them their audience.” In 2018, the contract was extended for another year.

Alexei Navalny appealed to Petukhov to help with production, and he responded, giving the opposition a number of tips on starting a YouTube channel. It cocks suggested format is “grey background and the white table”, which uses the politician.

Kate Clapp, 26 years
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 27
Income: $0.5 million
Subscribers in Instagram: 7.2 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: more than 6.6 million / more 790,8 million
Real name Ekaterina Trofimova

Together with cosmetics brand MAC released a lipstick in a campaign with bloggers Maker MAC Lipstick.

In 2015, Seagull sounded in the cartoon “spongebob in 3D”. “At least a little, but left a trail in your favorite cartoon! There you can hear my legendary “Pau Chica! PAH! PAH!“, said blogger its subscribers in Instagram. In 2016, got a cameo in the fourth season of the series “Junior” on TV channel STS.

Sasha Spielberg, 21
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 30
Income: $0.7 million
Subscribers in Instagram: 5.1 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: 6.5 million / 1 billion

Real name — Alexander Balkovskaya.

The number of subscribers to channel Sasha Spielberg on YouTube over 6 million, account in Instagram — 5 million
Became the first among Russian women bloggers, the number of views on the YouTube channel which has exceeded 1 billion

In 2016, got a cameo in the Christmas Comedy “Christmas Tree-5”.

In April 2017 in the blog Spielberg has had a Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. In may of the same year, the blogger has participated in parliamentary hearings on the youth policy.

Little Big (Ilya Prusikin)

Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 35
Income: $1.0 million
Subscribers in Instagram: 417 000
Subscribers / views on YouTube (collectively channels Little Big and “CLICKLOCK”): more than 9.9 million / more than 1.73 billion

The leader of the group Little Big — Ilya Ilyich Prusikin (pictured).

Prusikin created Little Big in 2013. The first album From Russia With Love was released in March 2014.

The video for the song SKIBIDI that Little Big released in October 2018, on YouTube gained more than 256 million views. In roller dance that has gone viral, performed by bloggers Daniel Cross, Eldar Dzarakhov, Morgenstern, rapper GONE.Fludd and the lead singer of the Hatters Yury Muzychenko.

Canal Little Big on YouTube more than 4 million subscribers.

In July, the Director of the record label Little Big Family Denis Glazin has applied for trademark registration SKIBIDI.

Group Little Big gives more than 120 concerts a year in Russia and Europe.

Max +100500, 29 years
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 36
Income: $0.7 million
Subscribers in Instagram: more than 722 000
Subscribers / views on YouTube: 10.1 million / more than 2.1 billion

Real name Maxim of the Devision for.

Gained fame through the videos in a humourous comment on various videos.

The number of subscribers of the channel golopolosova on YouTube more than 10 million people, the total number of hits 2 billion

Was the co-founder of OOO “Caramba TV”, which was ruled by the eponymous online channel CarambaTV and produced the show “+100500”. In January 2015, 51% of the company was sold to “STS Media” in the spring of 2016 the remaining 49% was bought by Oleg Bratishko, managing partner of the Fund Typhoon Digital Development.

IDA Galich, 29 years
Place in the rating stars “40 under 40”: 39
Income: $0.8 million
Subscribers in Instagram: 5.6 million
Subscribers / views on YouTube: over 1 million / more than 80.1 million
IDA Galich a long time, played in the WHC. He played for the team “Autumn kiss”, which later changed its name to “Moscow was not built”. In 2015, the team took third place in the Premier League.

Instagram-blogger has recorded four musical tracks and took them to clips, which together gained on YouTube more than 20 million views. The most popular is the Comedy movie “the Businessman”. It IDA appeared in the form of pop stars of the 1990s.

In the spring of 2019, the launched show “1 — 11” on YouTube, it stars of show business and students check on the knowledge of the school curriculum.

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