Recently, the investigative Committee’s Altai region opened a new case under article “inciting hatred or enmity” for a repost in “Vkontakte”.

The last accused was Anton angel. Studying his profile in social network “Vkontakte”, some users have found reposts of material containing “signs of hostility towards a group of persons based on their belonging to the Jews”, and as reported to law enforcement. The investigation began in the spring of 2018, but it became public only now.

The basis for the indictment was the statement of two witnesses and the conclusion of linguistic examination. The investigation did not indicate what the materials were related to extremist.

Article of the criminal code, which started the investigation, provides for punishment of deprivation of liberty for a term up to five years.

This is not the first case of prosecution of social media users, inaccurate records made a repost of a community. The investigative Committee conducts an investigation in respect of persons who have placed pictures that may offend the feelings of believers. It is noteworthy that the applicants in some cases are the same people, and the practice in such cases was observed only in the Altai region.


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