The Verge told about the website for fans of photography. Online service maybe 5 seconds to remove background from the image.

According to the creators, to create the project they used artificial intelligence and a few extra algorithms, thanks to which the user has to do is upload the desired picture on the website: the service will automatically cut off the background and give the image in png format.


The developers emphasize that at the moment can only work with photos where there are people (at least one), but the authors want to expand the list available to process items. Now the service is also limited by the resolution of the resulting images is 500 × 500 pixels. But the creators are already working on a solution to this issue.

In the near future, the team will release a simple-to-use API that can be used in applications, websites or other digital products.

Earlier said, as a former NASA engineer mark Rober came up with a way to take revenge on those who steal parcels. For this he has developed a special bomb and placed it in the box for speakers Apple HomePad.

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