Twenty-five year old artist from South Korea Dane young creates a unique makeup that “sneaks” up chills. The girl draws on your face works of art and puts in his Instagram, where more than 482 thousand subscribers.

Makeup artist graduated from Korean national University in February 2017. Through education and talent it catches the imagination of fans around the world. She told Buzzfeed, on the release date, she decided not just to do makeup, but to create something unique.

“After my work received recognition in may of 2016, I knew that I wanted to do art, not just makeup,” said Dane young.

She noted that gets a thrill from each new image and bind itself with every work of art that it takes on your face. The “piggy Bank” of the artist is not only the images created with the help of cosmetics, but also other performances.

The Dane was famous for. Now to cooperate with it want such global brands as Apple, BMW, Snapchat and 20th Century Fox. Recently she even appeared in the American “Show Ellen” (The Ellen Show).

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